Shipping & Return Policy

We ship worldwide!

Shipping price is calculated at checkout. To get an accurate estimate, begin checkout once your cart is ready. The weight of the selected products + your address will produce a few cost options.

Shipping to Canada

$8.95 for lightweight parcels

$10.95-$13.95 for small parcels

$16.95+ for heavy items

Shipping to Rest of World

$2.75 for flat mail only *NO tracking on orders under $20 for this option

$10.95 for lightweight parcels

$15.95-$17.95 for small parcels

$23.95 for large parcels

$35.95+ for heavy items

Shipping to United States (Domestic)

Certain items like postcards and small prints ship free in the U.S.!

Costs range from $3 for small parcels to $8+ for heavy items. All orders of $150+ ship free to the U.S.. (applied automatically at checkout). 



Our purchased shipping materials are all either recyclable or compostable. Please try to peel off any tape and stickers from packaging before recycling (we plan to get eco tape and shipping labels soon)

The occasional non-recyclable packaging or bubble wrap is a re-use of shipping materials we received in the mail ourselves (in the many instances where we order shop and project supplies). Re-use if possible before recycling yourself!


We do not offer returns at this time. All sales are final. If there is a problem with your order, please contact us at and we will assist you to the best of our abilities.