About Us

PYPERBLEU is the online shop and pseudonym of artist & digital content creator Annabelle Gao, currently based in nyc. The shop officially launched summer of 2019, and is slowly expanding (with your help & support!)
Annabelle has a BFA in Textiles from Rhode Island School of Design and often works alongside her sister, Lilith, who holds a BFA in Illustration from the same university. They were born and raised in California, but spent a handful of early years living in Shenzhen, China.
With an emphasis on handmade goods, we hope to bring attention and appreciation back to the craft of production. Some other ranges, like prints and stationery, are ordered in small batches from US-based manufacturers. Much of the featured clothing are found vintage, or up-cycled garments sourced from re-use centers that are reborn to find a place back in the world (into your life). 
PYPERBLEU is a collective- we make products of all kinds, for all creatures, bringing a bit of whimsy to the mind, body, and home!