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Mainland Vintage

Artsy Bar Soap

Artsy Bar Soap

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Scorched Horizon smells green and woodsy like agave, sea moss, cedarwood, and fir needle. Made with eco-friendly glitter. 

Rose Clay Love Letter smells rich and floral like rose, magnolia, amber, and orange blossom.

Thrive With Pride smells sweet and tropical with notes of mango, mandarin, and red currants

Twilight Saguaro smells like citrus, flowering succulents, bergamot, oakmoss and vetiver. Includes natural exfoliants - Poppy Seeds and walnut shells.

Twin Palms smells refreshing and bright with notes of orchid, moss, ozone and sandalwood. Includes natural exfoliants - Poppy seeds, coconut shells and walnut shells.

All soap bars are individually hand cut. Soaps are wrapped in plastic and packaging includes a double sided label.

Discover the full list of ingredients on the maker's site for a deeper understanding of the nourishing and beneficial elements in this product.

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